Total engine conditioner


PETROMARK® 10220 TOTAL ENGINE CONDITIONER is a high-grade professional cleaning product for internal combustion engines. A dirty combustion chamber, intake manifold etc. adversely affects the engine performance. It also needlessly increases the emission of carbon monoxide (CO), unburned gases (HC) and fuel consumption. PETROMARK® 10220 TOTAL ENGINE CONDITIONER dissolves and removes carbon deposits and lacquer-like compounds throughout the entire combustion system. This professional product effectively cleans inlet throttle, intake- manifold, valves, pistons, piston rings and / or carburettor. PETROMARK® 10220 TOTAL ENGINE CONDITIONER contains no substances that may damage plastics, rubber or metal parts. It is completely safe for the catalytic converter and lambda sensor. To achieve an optimal result treatment has to be done by a professional workshop!



Part No. Contents Package
10220 200ml 12 x 200ml

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