One Shot car refresher


PETROMARK® 10213 ONE SHOT CAR REFRESHER is a high quality and easy to use spray based on a well-balanced fragrance mixture, which deodorizes the interior of the vehicle and gives a lengthy pleasant odour. The unique composition will replace unpleasant smells by a fresh subtle scent.

Instructions for use: The aerosol should have room temperature. Shake aerosol before use. Start the engine and let the engine idle. Put the air circulation system on full power in the recirculation position. Put both chair and the back of the chairs in front position. Place the PETROMARK® 10123 ONE SHOT CAR REFRESHER behind one of the chairs, activate the aerosol by pressing the nozzle once and close the doors. DO NOT KEEP YOUR FACE ABOVE THE AEROSOL! After full evaporation of the aerosol, the engine should idle for some minutes. Switch off the engine and ventilate the vehicle for approximately 10 minutes by opening the doors.


Part No. Contents Package
10213 150ml 12 x 150ml

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