Diesel particle Filter cleaner spray


PETROMARK® 10201DPF DIESEL PARTICLE FILTER CLEANER SPRAY. Diesel engines emit much more harmful soot particles, compared to petrol and/or LPG engines. By using a particle filter, the emissions of harmful gases reduces, which is better for our environment! Driving short distances, congestion and city traffic causes that the particle filter slowly silts up, as a result the exhaust gases pass through the filter more difficult and power decreases sharply. Therefore it is important to clean the particle filter regularly. A highly effective method to prevent this problem and/or remedy is to clean the particle filter with Petromark® 10201 DPF Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner Spray. Through the application of this effective cleaner a large part of the accumulated soot particles burn, so that the exhaust gases can pass through the filter quickly again.



  • Cleans and regenerates very quickly and effectively contaminated and/or clogged particle filter without disassembly!
  • Lowers the soot build-up within the particle filter
  • Lowers the combustion temperature of soot so that it will burn faster.
  • Extends the life of the particle filter
  • Restores engine power
  • Not flammable



  • Preventive
  • In case of faults in a polluted and/or clogged particle filter
  • Suitable for all diesel engines of passenger cars, vans and trucks
  • The contents of the aerosol is sufficiently for one treatment.
  • The packaging contains a comprehensive
  • See also the detailed instructions on the package.


Part No. Contents Package
10201 500ML 12 x 500ML

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