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PETROMARK® INSTANT SILICON GASKETS in the unique POWER TUBES are designed for engines fitted with oxygen sensors and available in 3 different colours with several temperature ranges and applications. Ideal for replacement gaskets for valve covers, transmissions and sumps, water pumps, thermostat housings, asbestos exhaust manifolds and many more. PETROMARK® INSTANT SILICON GASKETS resist transmission fluids, water, oil and antifreeze and replaces cork, paper, felt and rubber gaskets. These products are not recommended for use on head gaskets or for continuous immersion in petrol or diesel. The PETROMARK® INSTANT SILICON GASKETS dispensers are easy to use with long-life performance and minimal waste.


RED        : Extra high temperature                temperature range -73 ºC up to + 343 ºC

BLACK   : High temperature                          temperature range -73 ºC up to + 250 ºC

GREY*    : Extra high temperature                temperature range -50 ºC up to + 315 ºC

*Acid-free and especially developed for Japanese cars.








Part No. Contents Package
10423 200ml 12 x 200ml

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