Oil Stop


PETROMARK® 10105 OIL STOP is a very effective liquid tool, with three important features which in many cases prevents expensive engine repairs. First PETROMARK® 10105 OIL STOP prevents oil leaks from rubber gaskets, crankcase and valve-strem oil seals. The second important property is it reduces oil consumption from between the piston and cylinder-wall by increasing the viscosity of the oil at operating temperature resulting in improved combustion from a higher compression ratio in the engine. And thirdly it stops or reduces the blue exhaust fumes caused by oil bypassing the piston rings into the combustion chamber. Suitable for max. 6 litres motor oil. Add one can at every oil change when engine is at operating temperature. Suitable for petrol, diesel and LPG engines.











Part No. Contents Package
10105 250ml 24 x 250ml

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