Petromark 10127

10127-TubeCeramic Gear Protector

PETROMARK® 10127 CERAMIC GEAR PROTECTOR is an advanced transmission additive with long-life properties based on ceramic material. This unique material, originally developed for use in space flight, has now found a revolutionary new area of application in Petromark® 10127 CERAMIC Gear Protector. Petromark® 10127 CERAMIC Gear Protector decreases friction, ensures smoother gear changes, reduces gear box noise and increases the longevity of the transmission. Petromark® 10127 CERAMIC Gear Protector is also suitable as an additive to the drive shaft oil. It can be used with all the regular transmission and drive shaft oils. NEVER ADD THIS PRODUCT TO AUTOMATIC GEARBOXES AND REDUCED SLIP DIFFERENTIALS!


10127 80ml 12 x 80ml

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