Ceramic Engine Protector

10126PETROMARK® 10126 CERAMIC ENGINE PROTECTOR is a high-tech engine treatment for 50.000 km. optimum protection even when the oil is changed! The ceramic material inside this PETROMARK® product bonds itself to the most critical components in the engine such as piston rings, bearing shells, cam followers etc. Friction is reduced in these vital areas, increasing engine performance, reducing fuel consumption and wear. PETROMARK® 10126 CERAMIC ENGINE PROTECTOR is suitable for use in petrol, diesel and LPG engines and can be added directly to mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils. The content of the 500ml. can is suitable for max. 6 litres engine oil and should be added when the engine is still warm. The car should then be driven for around 15 minutes. For new cars add PETROMARK® 10126 CERAMIC ENGINE PROTECTOR to the engine oil when the car has been run in for approximately 5.000 km.








Part No. Contents Package
10126 500ml 24 x 500ml

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